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Yearly Eye Exams Mean Years of Healthy Eyes

When was your last eye exam? We often don’t really notice our eyes until they start to cause us problems. But did you know that the American Ophthalmic Association recommends adults aged 18 to 60 have their eyes checked every one to two years?

Come in and see us for an eye exam. We’ll check for any early signs of disease, make sure your prescription is up-to-date, and answer any questions you may have about your eyes. It’s our pleasure to offer exceptional, comprehensive eye care.

Screening for Disease

Many eye diseases are asymptomatic. Without any discernable warning signs, these diseases can often go unchecked for years, all the while causing irreversible damage to your eyes. When you come in for an eye exam, we’ll carefully screen for any early signs of disease, allowing us to catch and treat it before you experience any significant vision loss. The three most common but most devastating eye diseases are:

AMD occurs when yellowish deposits of drusen or irregular blood vessels obstruct the macula; the part of the retina responsible for your central vision. While at first, the patient usually does not notice any difference, after time, they may notice dark spots or shadows in their vision and could eventually lose their central vision completely.

AMD can be treated and slowed down, but early detection is crucial to saving your vision.

If the fluid between your cornea and iris does not drain correctly, it causes the intraocular eye pressure (IOP) to slowly build. This pressure can cause serious damage to the optic nerve which is responsible for delivering messages from the eye to the brain. Glaucoma’s effects are usually so gradual that, by the time the patient notices a change, significant vision loss has already occurred.

There is treatment to slow down the progression of glaucoma, however, early detection is the best way to save yourself from vision loss.

As you age, the proteins in the lens of your eye start to restructure, clumping together and making it difficult for light to pass through. This is called a cataract. We screen every patient for cataracts, and will happily refer you to an ophthalmologist for surgery; walking you through the surgery process and even helping you through your recovery.

State-of-the-Art Eye Care

Nothing is more important to us that giving our patients thorough, comprehensive eye care. We’re proud to offer one of the most technologically advanced eye care facilities in the area; all to ensure you’re getting the best possible care. Here are just a few of the amazing pieces of equipment we use to keep an eye on your vision.

Your retina is responsible for detecting light and sending it to your brain for interpretation. The iVue OCT gives us a thorough look at your retina, allowing us to monitor its health, track any changes, and look for any of the early signs of disease.

Glaucoma is a serious eye disease associated with intraocular pressure (IOP). Usually, IOP is measured by blowing little puffs of air into the eye. We want you to be comfortable, so we use the iCare Tonometer; a machine that measures your IOP without touching or even puffing air at your eyes!

The way your eye functions is directly related to the shape of your eyeball. The corneal topography allows us to precisely map the shape and curvature of your eye, all without touching it. This not only helps us understand the quality of your vision; we also use it to fit you for the perfect pair of contact lenses.

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Discover Complete Family Eye Care in Blackfoot

We are located on Meridian Street just west of Tommy Vaughn's Restaurant.

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