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Emergency Eye Care Services

Complete Family Eye Care is Prepared for Emergencies

For the most part, your eyes are very vulnerable. This might not be a big deal if we didn’t rely on vision to get us through our day to day lives. But the reality is, most of us need our eyesight, so when an accident happens or disaster strikes, it’s crucial that you get help right away.

Complete Family Eye Care sets time aside specifically for emergency appointments so we can be there for you when you need us. Don’t hesitate. Contact us and let us know you need emergency care.

What Counts as an Emergency?

Something like a stye probably doesn’t need emergency care, but an infection like conjunctivitis might. It’s important to know which symptoms and situations indicate an emergency, so if or when it happens, you know when it’s time to come in.

Any time you experience sudden changes in your vision, you should get help right away. Partial or complete vision loss, an influx of floaters or flashes, or distortions in your visions can be signs of serious problems like retinal detachment or angle-closure glaucoma.

Severe eye pain is also an indicator that something is wrong, and should be followed up on as soon as possible. If you see blood in your eye, particularly in front of your iris, do not wait. You need medical care right away.

  • Chemical Contact – Any time a chemical makes contact with your eye, it can put your vision in danger. If it happens, you’ll have to flush your eye with cool, clean water for no less than 15 minutes. Once you’ve thoroughly flushed the eye, seek medical help.
  • Foreign Object in the Eye – If the object is small like a speck of dust or dirt, try to flush it out with clean water. If that doesn’t work, you can take a clean cotton swab and gently touch the object. If the object doesn’t stick to the swab, get help from a medical professional. In the meantime, do not rub your eye.
  • Corneal Abrasions – If something scratches the surface of your eye, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible to makes sure there aren’t any small pieces of anything embedded in the abrasion and help rule out infection. Try not to touch or rub your eye in the meantime.

If something doesn’t feel right with your eyes, listen to your instincts and get medical help. No one knows your body better than you do; it’s up to you to make sure it gets medical attention when necessary. Complete Family Eye Care is happy to listen to your concerns and help discover what the problem might be.

Prevent Accidents With Safety Eyewear

Did you know most eye injuries are preventable? We carry excellent protective eyewear solutions for industrial work, sports, and everything between. We can even put your prescription in the frames you choose. Visit us today and ask us about our safety and specialty eyewear options.

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