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Our Technology Empowers Innovative Eye Care

At Complete Family Eye Care, we’re firm believers in offering the most high-tech and cutting-edge service available. That’s why we’ve invested in top-of-the-line technology to make your experience better. When you choose Complete Family Eye Care, you’re not just choosing experienced and compassionate professionals, you’re choosing innovative and advanced methods and practices.

Finding the Perfect Fit for Glasses or Contacts

Finding the perfect corrective option doesn’t stop at determining your prescription. We use our advanced technology to make sure your glasses or contact lenses are made to fit and function as effectively as possible.

Corneal Topography

Much like fingerprints, every eye is different. Many patients have difficulty wearing contact lenses due to the shape of their eyes. We want to make sure all our patients are happy and comfortable in their contact lenses, which is why we offer corneal topography.

Our Atlas Corneal Topographer maps and measures the precise dimensions of your eye, including the curve of the cornea. We use this tool to help us discover eye irregularities and to find the perfect fitting contact lens. Once we’ve got your eye’s unique measurements, we can make sure your lenses offer the best and most comfortable fit.

Spectangle Pro

Our spectangle pro helps us make sure your eyewear fits perfectly, allowing your eyes to get the very most out of the lenses. Using an iPad and an EY stick, we can take exceptionally precise measurements of your face. These measurements ensure your lenses sit in the right spot to work their best.

Seeing How You See

We can’t see the world directly through your eyes. But we can use our amazing technology to measure and assess how you see the world. By understanding what you see, we can better recommend the best method to correct your vision.

A refractor is a tool we use to detect any refractive errors and determine what level of correction is necessary to fix it. The optometrist will introduce the refractor at some point during an eye exam, flipping through a number of lenses and asking you to specify which ones make your vision better, and which make them worse.

While many practices use manual refractors, we use a digital refractor. The digital refractor is automated and electronically syncs all your information to your files. Thanks to this level of automation, we can focus our full attention on talking to you and listening to what you have to say. A digital refractor helps us make your eye exam more efficient.

We want to ensure your vision is whole and healthy. That’s why we offer visual field testing to detect any “blind spots.” We have two different machines to analyze visual fields: the Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer and FDT Visual Field Analyzer.

The Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer involves looking straight forward into a large white dish. Inside this dish, we will flash a variety of individual lights which will appear in different areas of your vision. Every time you see a flash, you press a button, telling us which flashes you see and which you miss. The ones you miss may indicate a “blind spot.”

The FDT Visual Field Analyzer works somewhat differently. FDT stands for frequency doubling technology, which is a method based on an optical illusion. We will show you alternating bars in contrasting colors, flickering at high frequencies. Higher frequencies cause these bars to appear to double. If you cannot see the bars at certain frequencies, it could indicate “blind spots” or vision loss in certain areas.

Detecting Disease With Cutting Edge Technology

Many eye diseases cause slow but permanent vision loss which is initially almost impossible to notice. An early diagnosis is essential to maintaining eye health and preventing vision loss. Our advanced diagnostic tools allow us to detect disease earlier and potentially preserve your vision.

The retina is responsible for detecting light and sending impulses to the brain, making it a very important part of your vision. This sensitive system of tissues is very delicate and can be prone to injuries and tears. With our Canon digital retinal camera, we can look at images of the retina, ensuring it’s healthy and structurally sound.

Damage to the structure of your eye could result in serious vision loss. The iVue OCT gives us detailed high-resolution 3D images of the interior structure to your eye. Thanks to the iVue, we can see and examine your optic nerve, optic disk, and different layers of your retina. The iVue OCT empowers us to offer more comprehensive diagnostics than ever before.

Glaucoma is a disease that affects IOP or intraocular pressure. A process called tonometry allows us to test your IOP, hopefully identifying glaucoma before it causes permanent vision loss. Many practices use methods of tonometry that employ the use of air puffs or eye drops. We, however, use the iCare Tonometer; a device that measures your IOP by making brief, gentle, hardly detectable contact with the cornea. This makes the testing procedure more pleasant for our patients while still giving us the most accurate measurements possible.

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